The Most Interesting People Iíve Met
Turkey Thicket


The most interesting people Iíve met here at Turkey Thicket are my best friends Nia and Tiffany.Nia is creative, responsible, dependable, caring, likeable, kind, sweet and intelligent.The things I like most about Nia is her personality.Sheís a person who gives her thoughts, her opinions, her ideas and stand up for what she believes in, Iíve known her for about five or six years, and we still hang in there.


My friend Tiffany, the best way I would describe her is silly, funny, free minded, smart, wild, stood out, and a friend that will stand by your side.Tiffany and I have been through a lot with each other.Fusing, fighting, but through it all we stayed friends.



~ Ashley Horton



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